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Frequently Asked Questions


To be considered for shared ownership you must be in housing need and unable to buy a property without help.  Priority is normally given to current council and Housing Association tenants and people on the council's Housing Register.  To be considered for shared ownership you would have to be able to afford to pay for both the share in the property and the rent, although the rent would be eligible for Housing Benefit.  However you must not be able to afford to buy a property on the open market.

The costs will obviously depend on the size and cost of the property but if you were to buy a 50% share in a property, the rent you pay on the Housing Association's share is normally about half as much as your mortgage payments

No, the only properties you can buy through shared ownership are designated as shared ownership.  You can no longer buy a property on the open market under a shared ownership arrangement – this used to be called DIY shared ownership.

For information on the full range of shared ownership options, you should contact the HomeBuy agent for Charnwood, EM HomeBuy.  Also, we recommend that anyone interested in shared ownership should seek independent legal and financial advice. 

You may sell your share in a shared ownership property at any time and you will receive your share of any increase in value.  However, if you wish to sell, you should inform the Housing Association as the person who buys your property would need to meet the criteria for shared ownership themselves.  When you sell the property you will receive your share of any increase in the value of the property.  (Please remember the value of your home may go down as well as up).

Yes you can increase your share by "staircasing" upwards by a further share of 25% so if you bought 50% to start with you could increase to 75% and in most cases to 100%.

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