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When Will I Get a Fine?

Drivers will get a fine if they break parking or loading regulations. Useful information taken from the Highway Code is given below.

To avoid receiving a fine make sure you don’t park:

  • On double yellow lines
  • On single yellow lines during the times shown on the sign
  • Past the time limit in short stay parking spaces
  • In a loading bay unless loading or unloading in specified loading bays during the times shown
  • In bus lanes or bus stop clearways
  • In taxi ranks
  • On loading or unloading bans at any time
  • In disabled parking spaces unless you display a blue disabled badge
  • For longer than the time limit if you do have a disabled badge

You should:

  • Observe parking bay restrictions
  • Always purchase a pay and display ticket for the required time when parking in a pay and display area
  • Take notice of parking signs and restrictions
  • Refer to the Highway Code

If you believe that you have been ticketed unfairly you can make an appeal. Details of how to appeal are on the parking ticket. Money from the tickets will pay for the enforcement service or be spent on making improvements to parking, highway and transport services.

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