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Affordable housing

Shared ownership (part-buy and part-rent)

If you would like to buy a home but cannot afford to buy on the open market, you may like to consider shared ownership where you can part-buy and part-rent a home. 

Housing Associations offer shared ownership schemes and the main features are:

  • You buy a share of your home - usually between 25% and 75% of the property's value - and pay rent on the remaining share
  • You can buy more shares at a later stage when you can afford to

Click on Shared Ownership - FAQs (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb) for more information.

Or visit - many of the shared ownership properties for sale in Charnwood are advertised here. 

Housing Associations

Housing Associations (HAs) build and manage social homes that are available for people in housing need.  They work with local councils to help house people who are on the Housing Register as well as people who apply to them directly.  HA homes are available to rent, or buy through shared ownership schemes. 

There are a number of HAs that have homes for rent in Charnwood.  If you are on the council's Housing Register, you can ask to be considered for HA properties.  Nominations to HA properties will be offered to people depending on who is in the highest band on the Housing Register at the time, in the same way that council properties are offered. 

Details about HAs in Charnwood are provided in our document Housing Associations in Charnwood (PDF Document, 0.31 Mb)

You can also apply for HA properties directly, although HA waiting lists may only be open at certain times.  HAs that you are interested in can advise you when they will next be accepting applications for a particular area, or a particular type of property. 

Each HA will have a policy on how it decides who has the highest priority on its Housing Register, so you might be nearer to the top of the list of some HA's list and not others.

Most HAs are unlikely to offer you accommodation if you owe rent or other money from a council tenancy you have had in the past or a previous tenancy with another HA.  If you would like to be considered for HA properties, you should ask the HA you are applying to what its policy is. 

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