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Affordable Housing SPD

This Supplementary Planning Document will clarify the Council’s policies on affordable housing. It increases the proportion of affordable homes the Council will seek to negotiate a minimum of 30% affordable housing on new housing schemes and sets clear guidelines about how the Council will determine the type and tenure of new housing as well as its design and layout.

Before the SPD can be adopted by the Council it will be subject to a number of stages. We are now at Stage 5 in the process:

Stage 1

Evidence Gathering.

Stage 2

Pre – Consultation. Informal involvement of local communities and stakeholders in the development of policy.

Stage 3

Public Participation – A formal 4-6 week consultation was undertaken during May/June/July 2005 on a draft version of the SPD.

Stage 4

Consideration of Representations with regard to the draft SPD and finalising SPD.

Stage 5

Adoption of the SPD. September 2005

Stage 6

Monitoring and Review.

Adoption (Stage 5)

The Council has adopted the Affordable Housing SPD and so therefore it is a material consideration in determining planning applications. A copy of the adopted SPD is available to download:

The following documents are published alongside the adopted SPD:

Details and documents about previous stages of preparing the Affordable Housing SPD are set out in the Affordable Housing SPD Archive:

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