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See below the latest additions made by Councillors to their News Areas. Please note these are the views of individual Councillors and are not necessarily represent the views of the authority as a whole.

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Tue 22nd February, 2011

Something that needs to be sorted

Why do we have so much red tape.

Author: Cllr. David Walker

Thu 20th January, 2011

What to Do About Cars on Pavements

One of the issues I'm contacted about all the time it seems is cars parking on pavements! Here is some advice from Leicestershire Neighbourhood Watch that I've just been sent.

Mon 10th January, 2011

Power Outages in Southfields

Power outages across Southfields and what to do about them.

Wed 5th January, 2011

Impressed by the Police

An attempted break in, and swift reaction by the police.

Author: Cllr. David Walker

Fri 17th December, 2010

Grit Bins

Loughborough Councillors have asked for grit bins to be provided to cover areas of Loughborough in need of cover. As you may have noticed the County Council grit the main through roads only, leaving a lot of the side roads all iced up. It is important the Lemyngton ward has grit bins in all areas, to ensure that vulnerable residents are not trapped in their homes. This is the second harsh winter in a row and it is in my view better to prepare now for harsher winters in the future.

Author: Cllr. Jewel Miah

Fri 17th December, 2010

Cctv Camera Petition Goes Before Cabinet

The petition signed by local residents requesting the council install a CCTV camera overlooking Rendell Park and the Rendell St area went before cabinet yesterday. It was agreed that more consultation with the police and anti social behaviour officers be taken up to determine the extent of the problem. I suggested a meeting be arranged with residents so that it could be discussed with them and issues raised could be explored. I will keep you posted on further developments.

Author: Cllr. Jewel Miah

Mon 13th December, 2010

Working Hard for Residents

Local issues and major responsibilities

Author: Cllr. David Walker

Wed 17th November, 2010

Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

My first full meeting as a member of the Board of Directors of Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

Author: Cllr. David Walker

Thu 11th November, 2010

Armistice Day

Today is the anniversary of the end of the First World (or Great) War. The slaughter of young people during that war was quite awful, and it is fitting that we should never forget that dreadful tragedy which robbed so many of their life when it was just beginning. One one day alone 20,000 young men were ordered to march towards the enemy machine guns and virtually all died of dreadful injuries from bullet wounds. Next time you pass the Carillon tower look at the horribly long lists of names of..

Author: Cllr. David Walker

Fri 29th October, 2010

Eastern Gateway Gets Underway

This week has seen the eastern gateway finally get underway. Work should be completed on the road by this time next year and the houses should be completed about six months after that. The train station is also having a revamp and this should tie in with the development of the road and houses.

Author: Cllr. Jewel Miah

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