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Planning - Decision Makers

The Borough Council has delegated decisions to Officers of the Council. The full procedure is set out in the Constitution of the Council. 95% of all applications are decided by officer under the delegated powers procedure, therefore only a small proportion are decided by the Planning Committee. The ultimate decision as to whether an application is referred to Planning Committee is made by the Director of Development after consulting the Ward Members for the area where the development is proposed and the Chair of the Committee.

  • The Decision Process (Word Document, 0.63 Mb)

    A flow chart showing the process applications follow from submission to decision under delegated powers or by the Planning Committee.

Decisions That Are Made

A decision made by the Council, whether by officer under delegated powers or by Planning Committee, take into account planning policies of the Borough Council, Regional Guidance and Central Government advice and policies. All comments received are fully taken into account and where conflicting issues arise a decision has to be taken and sometimes the decision does not always follow the ideas and concerns that have been raised.
A decision will be to

  • 1. grant/approve permission/consent
  • 2. grant/approve permission/consent subject to conditions
  • 3. refuse permission/consent

In respect of applications for advertisement consent the decision made may be split (refuse and grant consent) for different parts of the proposal.

Appeals Against Decisions

An applicant can lodge an appeal to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (CLG) against a refusal of permission/consent or against conditions imposed on a permission/consent, or if a decision is not made within 8 weeks from the date a valid application is submitted (13 weeks for a major application)against none determination.

There is no right of appeal by any other interested party.

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