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Development Management Contacts

Planning teamDevelopment Management is the part of the Planning and Regeneration which deals with the processing of planning applications, taking account of national and local policies and guidance together with the merits of each scheme, in order to manage development in the public interest.

Our aim is to ensure that development is allowed where it is needed, while ensuring that the character and amenity of an area are not adversely affected by new buildings or changes in the use of buildings or land.

Development Management is not about how a building or extension is constructed. There is a separate system of Building Regulations to deal with this. Our Building Control team can help you with these.

Planning email

Contact us by E-Mail

All E-mail enquiries should be directed

Contact us by Post to

Planning and Regeneration
Development Management
Charnwood Borough Council
LE11 2TN

Development Management has a Service Support Team which will register all applications and enquiries. Householder enquiries regarding whether planning permission is required is now a self assessment procedure. All other enquiries should be made in writing since we have a policy that we will not advise people verbally on any matter. This ensures that the advice we give is recorded and that the customer has a written record, it also ensures that the advice can not be misinterpreted. Planning Officers have administrative support through which other enquiries should be directed, although Officers cover the whole of the Borough administrative support is divided into North & South areas.

Voice mail is only active on telephones to enable you to leave messages for officers when they are in meetings or out on site. It is understood that this maybe inconvenient, however, we do endeavour to return all calls the same day, or within 24 hours, so please leave a message.

Group Leader Development Management and Building Control

Steve Lewis Roberts 01509 634731

Development Management Service Support Team

  • Team Leader Mick Morley 01509 634740
  • Planning Technicians: Frances Watson 01509 634987; Manju Patel 01509 634726; Steve Holmes 01509 634691;
  • Administrative Technicians: Sue Morris 01509 634724; Jennifer Tringham 01509 634950; 
  • Administrative Assistant: Karen Barton 01509 634745

Development Management Planning Officers

  • Team Leader Peter Blitz 01509 634738
  • Principal Planning Officers: Neil Thomson 01509 634739; Graham Smith 01509 632521;Jacqueline Jackson 01509 634770
  • Senior Planning Officers: Helene Baker (Part-Time) 01509 634741 (9.00 - 3.30); Karen Brightman (Part Time) 01509 632520 (9.30 -2.30 Tues to Fri);Debbie Liggins (Part-Time) 01509 634733 (Mon, Tues & alternate Weds); Andrea Williamson 01509 634735;
  • Planning Officer: Claire Stapley 01509 634988, Louise Winson 01509 634742
  • Administrative Officers: Sharon King 01509 634737 South Area; Maggie Chaplin 01509 634744 North Area; Ann Brewin 01509 634744 North Area

Development Management Planning Enforcement Team

  • Senior Enforcement Officer: Helen Robinson 01509 634743
  • Enforcement Officers: Sara Coleman 01509 634773, Sarah Hallam 01509 634736
  • Compliance Technician: Matthew Reed 01509 634722

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