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Don't Muck Around 2017 Campaign


Don't Muck Around is our award-winning campaign to tackle enviro-crime in Charnwood and it's back for 2017.

This year we're looking at how all the mess, muck and rubbish adds up to being a headache for all of us.

Every time someone drops a piece of litter or fails to clear up a dollop of dog doo-doo then it all adds up to being harmful to the environment and a blight on our communities. It also adds up in terms of the cost of clearing it up - around £778 million across the country, according to Government figures.

It can also add up if you're caught breaking an enviro-crime as you could be issued with a fixed penalty notice which if you fail to pay could cost thousands and leave your reputation tarnished thanks to a criminal record.

Don't Muck Around 2017 social mediaDuring this year’s Don’t Muck Around campaign, the Council is urging people to take responsibility for their waste and dispose of it in the correct way.

We're also calling on businesses and organisations to sign up to the Don't Muck Around Pledge and pass the message on to customers and members.

Our street wardens will also be carrying out targeted patrols to tackle littering and dog fouling.

Help us spread the word by following our social media accounts and sharing our Don't Muck Around messages. You can follow us on Twitter @CharnwoodBC and find us on Facebook. We're using the hashtag #Muck2017

Take the Don't Muck Around 2017 Pledge

Download the Don't Muck Around 2017 anti-litter poster

Enter the Don't Muck Around Awards 2017

Report an environmental offence online

In this video below, Council enviro-crime manager Nicky Gibson explains more about the campaign and Carole from Costa Coffee in Loughborough pledges her support.

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