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Food Hygiene & Safety

Top tasks:

Welcome to the Food Safety Team. Our role is to improve and enforce standards of food hygiene and health and safety in food premises within the Charnwood Borough.


  • Inspect local food businesses to enforce standards of cleanliness and good hygiene practices

  • Investigate complaints about hygiene or contaminated foods (e.g. glass, metal, insects)

  • Randomly sample purchase foods to test the quality and safety

  • Investigate cases of food poisoning

  • Run a National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in conjunction with other Local Authorities in Leicestershire

You can also find out more about local food issues in our Food Safety Newsletter 2013 (PDF Document, 1.04 Mb)

Food Safety Functions

Listed below are other food safety functions that we carry out.

The Food Law Enforcement Policy and Service Standards are presently being reviewed to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Regulators' Code.

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