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Housing Benefit

What Are Housing Benefits?

This is a scheme to help people on low income with their rent. There are three types of assistance :

Rent Rebate

This is provided to help local authority tenants with their rent. If you qualify your rebate will be credited to your rent account.

Rent Allowance

This is provided to help anyone who has to pay a commercial rent to a private landlord or Housing Association, ground rent for mobile homes or mooring and British Waterways Licence fees if you live on a boat. If you qualify payment can be made by bacs transfer direct to your account or if requested to your landlord, Please note that it may not be possible to pay your landlord if your application falls under the new Local Housing Allowance scheme which came into force on 7th April 2008.

Local Housing Allowance

If you rent from a private landlord and make a new claim for benefit, move property to a privately rented address or have a break in you existing claim on or after that date your benefit entitlement will be based on the new Local Housing Allowance Rates. Click here for more information for tenants and private landlords

Benefit is only normally paid when you are living in the property. There are certain exceptions to this. Please see Benefit on Two Homes. or Temporary Absence

Please note that information on housing benefit paid is provided to HM Revenue and Customs yearly under section 35(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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