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Housing Associations

Housing Associations are organisations that build and manage homes that are available for rent (and sometimes to buy part of a share in). Housing Associations normally give tenants an Assured Tenancy, which means you have a lot of rights in your home. The Tenant Services Authority (TSA) regulates Housing Associations and makes sure that they manage their homes properly and that they keep their rents low.

There are a number of Housing Associations that have homes for rent within Charnwood. If you are on the council's Housing Register you can ask to be considered for Housing Association properties. Nominations to Housing Association properties will be offered to people depending on who has the highest level of points on the Housing Register at the time, in the same way as council properties are offered.

You can also apply for Housing Association properties directly. Further down the page there is a list of areas where Housing Associations have properties within Charnwood and contact details for all the Associations. If you are interested in applying for a particular area or scheme, you should contact the Housing Association directly.

Not all Housing Associations will have all parts of their waiting list open at a particular time. However they will be able to advise you as to when, in the future, they may begin to accept applications for a particular area or type of property again.

Each Housing Association will have a slightly different way in which they decide who should have the highest priority on their housing register, so you might be nearer the top of one Association's list than another. Most Housing Associations are unlikely to offer you accommodation if you owe rent or other money as a result of a tenancy you have had in the past with a council or another Housing Association. If you want to be considered for Housing Association properties and you owe money, you should ask the Housing Association you are applying to what their rules are.

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