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Pet Shops

Any person who trades in pets (which means any vertebrate including fish), must possess a Pet Shop Licence. They are issued by the Council under the Pet Animals Act 1951.

Trade in pets is not permissible from any part of a street, or public place or at a stall or barrow in a market.

Licences expire on the 31st December in the year of issue and must be renewed annually. Prior to the issuing of a licence, the premises will be inspected by the council to ensure the following:

  • animals will at all times be kept in accommodation suitable as respects size, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • animals will be adequately supplied with food and drink and (so far as is necessary) visited at suitable intervals
  • animals, being mammals, will not be sold at too early an age
  • all reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent the spread among animals of infectious diseases
  • appropriate steps will be taken in the case of fire or other emergency

If necessary the Council may require the specialist advice of a veterinary surgeon, especially in cases where exotic pets are sold.

The Council has licence conditions and application forms for Pet Shop licences available below.

When applying for a licence, a completed licence application form must be accompanied with the appropriate fee which is currently £80.00

For new pet shops, planning permission may be required. Further information can be obtained from Planning Services.

In July 2013 the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers published the new Model Conditions for Pet Vending Licensing 2013 which details the conditions that must be complied to satisfy the requirements of both the Pet Shops Acts 1951 and and Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Model Conditions 2013 (PDF Document, 0.52 Mb)

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