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Charnwood's Planning Explorer

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Self Assessment Forms

Householder Development

Are You Planning to Extend or Carry Out Work to Your Home?

Below are a set of Self Assessment forms which we have developed to help you assess whether your proposed development works require planning permission.

Problems can occur if you carry out any work without permission when it is required, so please ensure you answer the questions on the Self Assessment correctly.

You should complete a Self Assessment Form even if you are replacing an extension or outbuilding and base your answers on the proposed works regardless of the extent of the building is being removed.

If you answer "YES" to any questions or your proposal does not comply with all the specified conditions then you will need to submit a planning application. This can be submitted on-line through the Planning Portal.

Before completing the Self Assessment please view our information and guidance on Extending Your Home, or visit the Planning Portal and use their Visual Guides with step by step guidance.

The DCLG have also prepared a detailed Technical Guidance document for Permitted Development for Householders which may help you:

Permitted Development for Householders - DCLG Technical Guidance (PDF Document, 0.21 Mb)

You can search on My Charnwood to check whether your property is in a Conservation Area or if it is a Listed Building.

If you live in The Green Mountsorrel then please note that there are restrictions on carrying out external work that is usually permitted development. Article 4 Direction and Plan.

If you want written confirmation that Planning permission is not required then you will need to submit a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development.

Even if you do not require planning permission you may still require Building Regulations Consent for the works you are proposing, particularly where any structural works are involved.  

A - Extension (form updated 30 May 2013)

ATTACHED to the dwelling - includes conservatories, garages etc. and alterations to include windows, verandas, balconies etc.

You may find your proposal requires a Prior Notification to be submitted for consideration prior to commencing work. Please use our Prior Notification Householder Development Form (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb) to ensure you provided the Council with all the necessary information.

B - Outbuildings

Includes sheds, greenhouses and garages as well as other ancillary garden buildings such as swimming pools, ponds, sauna cabins, kennels, enclosures (including tennis courts) and containers for domestic heating etc.

C - Porch

On an external door of a house

D - Roof

Includes additions or alterations to a roof including dormers, roof extensions, roof lights, reroofing etc.

E - Chimneys, Flues, Soil, or Vent Pipes

F - Access, Hardstanding and walls/fencing

Drives, hardstandings, walls, fences, gates, access, dropped kerbs, etc.

G - Solar Equipment and Wind Turbines

Roof, wall mounted or freestanding solar equipment, wind turbines and heat pumps.

Refer to legislation that came into effect on the 1st December 2011.

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