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Sports and Leisure Grants

Type of Funding

Sports Development Grants are available in the following categories:

  • Development grants to help meet the initial costs of establishing a new club/section or to expand your club's sporting programme.
  • Coach/Official Education Grants to assist with education/training course fees.
  • Sports Facilities Grants to help improve or retain your facilities.
  • Talent Support Fund to recognise individual talented sports performers in Charnwood and encourage them to develop their full potential.

Who May Apply?

  • Properly constituted organisations (sample available).
  • Organisations must be voluntary and not constituted for profit.
  • Organisations must have a membership system which is open to all.
  • Qualifying individuals living in the borough.

What Does the Grant Cover?

For Sports Development Grants

  • Assistance with providing opportunities that will benefit residents of Charnwood and will normally be located within the Borough boundary.
  • Assistance with costs of developing an exisitng programme, developing a new club or new activity.
  • Assistance with costs of sports/physical activity related projects that are developmental.

For Coach/Official Education Grants

  • Assistance in enabling coaches and officials to improve qualifications and experience for the provision of opportunities and support of the development of their sport within their club which must be situated within the Borough of Charnwood.

For Sports Facilities Grants

  • Assistance in providing, improving or retaining essential playing facilities and ancillary accommodations.

For Talent Support Grants

  • Essential items of equipment/clothing required to compete and train.
  • Cost of travel for training and competitions.
  • Cost of facility hire for training.
  • Coaching costs (but not a coach's salary).
  • Competition costs - e.g. overnight accommodation, meals, entry fee.
  • Club subscription costs.

What Are the Funding Limits?

Grants have been issued in the past ranging from £50 - £1,500.

For Development Grants

  • Grants will normally be awarded to a maximum of £250.
  • Whilst there is no requirement for match funding, contributions from applicants or partner organisations will be encouraged.

For Coach/Official Education Grants

  • Each grant application will be considered on its own merits. Grants will normally be awarded to a maximum rate of 50% and not exceeding £250. Applications will be considered for a minimum course cost of £20.

For Sports Facilities Grants

  • The applicant must contribute at least 25% of the total cost of the proposed project from their own funds and must be able to identify the sources providing the balance of the project costs; grants will be awarded to a maximum of £1,500.

For Talent Support Grants

  • Grants will normally be awarded to a maximum rate of 50% and not exceeding £250.
  • Only one grant application may be approved per applicant per year.

When Can Applications Be Made?

Meetings of the Charnwood Grants Panel take place quarterly. Charnwood Sport and Active Recreation Club, Coach and Volunteer Sub Group will act as an advisory body and will be consulted for each grant application. Their recommendations will be taken into account in the final determination of each application.

Applications are normally needed one month prior to Grants Panel meetings, but certain categories of grant also have specific requirements.

Application Deadlines and Decision Dates

The table below shows the application deadlines and decision dates for this grant scheme.  We usually advise applicants of the outcome of their application within ten working days of the decision date.

Application deadline

Decision date (Grants panel)

Monday 27 April 2015

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Monday 20 July 2015

Thursday 20 August 2015

Monday 28 September 2015

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Advice on How to Make a Successful Application

The Related Documents section below contains the latest Guidance and Application Forms - these documents are available in Word and PDF formats.  The Guidance contains important information which will help you to ensure that your application is eligible and it will assist in you in making a successful application. read the Guidance in full before you complete the Application Form.  Applicants are advised to submit their applications as early as possible rather than waiting until the deadline, this will give us more opportunity to ask for further information if we need it to make a proper assessment.

Contact Details

For technical information about making an application email or call 01509 634592.

For any information about the progress of a Grant contact Grants Administration.

For more funding sources, visit the Leceister-Shire and Rutland Sport website.

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