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Tenancy Strategy Consultation

For many years a tenancy with a social housing provider (Council or Housing Association) was usually thought of as a tenancy for life. Your need for housing was assessed when you applied for a home and the type and size of accommodation was allocated accordingly. If you paid your rent and followed the terms of your tenancy you were able to stay for as long as you wanted, even though throughout the duration of the tenancy the number of family members could change. As a result you could have an older couple living alone in a three bed house whilst a young family with children could be overcrowded in a one bed flat.

The current Government think that social landlords should make better use of their housing to enable them to help as many people as possible live in housing that meets their needs. As a result they are allowing them to introduce fixed term tenancies that they think will last for at least 2 years and in most cases will be granted for five years at a time. At the end of the fixed term the landlord will make sure that the home is still suitable and needed by the people living there. If it is then another tenancy will be granted, if not then tenants will be helped to find something that is more appropriate.

The Government have also introduced a new type of tenancy called 'affordable rent'. Affordable rented properties can be offered by some social housing providers who are developing new housing. In most cases the rent charged will be more than the usual rent for social housing and can be up to 80% of rents that are charged for similar privately rented properties. The rents can be charged on both new properties and some existing properties when they are re-let.

As part of these changes Council’s are being asked to produce a tenancy strategy. This is a document that tells landlords what sort of things they need to think about when deciding what length and what type of tenancy to grant, and how they should manage the review at the end of the fixed term.

To help develop the strategy it is important to understand what those on the housing register think. We recently carried out a survey of housing register applicants which will now feed into the Council's tenancy strategy.

The new strategy will be considered by Cabinet in early June and the draft strategy will be available within the Cabinet papers shortly.

Last updated: Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 12:33

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