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Pests and pest control

The service is provided for pests considered to be a risk to public health or food safety. A service is also be provided to control pests that may become a nuisance in houses such as a wide range of insects.


  • Bedbugs

    Provides information on the bedbug treatment service that we offer.

  • Bees

    Description of what to do if you have a problem with bees.

  • Cockroaches

    Information on the service that we offer to treat cockroaches

  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • Our pest control service

    Advice and information for residents and businesses in Charnwood Borough on our pest control service

  • Pest control information sheets

    Examples of all the pest control information sheets.

  • Rats

    Information on the service that Charnwood Borough Council offers for the treatments of rats.

  • Wasps

    Information on the service that Charnwood Borough Council has to treat wasp nests in domestic and commercial premises.

  • Wasps or bees?

    Information and pictures to helps the residents of Charnwood identify if they have a problem with bees or wasps. This is important as we only offer a service for the treatment of wasps.