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Frequently Asked Questions

The Mayor is the principal ambassador of the Council and will attend around 500 engagements each year over 90% of which are likely to be within the Borough. They chair meetings of the full Council, host annual events such as the Civic Church Service and the opening of the fair, and promote Council initiatives and campaigns.

Most Mayors get to welcome at least one royal visitor to the Borough and attend around sixty-five religious gatherings of the many different faiths in Charnwood. They are likely to congratulate half a dozen centenarians, and host around two thousand people to eighty civic presentations and events in the Civic Suite at Loughborough Town Hall. They will cut ribbons, draw raffles, present certificates and have their picture in the local papers several times most weeks. They will get an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and visit some European twin towns.

The important factor in all these engagements is that the Mayor is here for the people of the Borough, and they try to accept as many invitations to visit as much of the Borough as possible throughout their year of office.

To be Mayor you must be a Councillor, elected by the people of the Borough. In Charnwood, the political groups take turns to select the Mayor for the year.

The Conservative group hold an internal ballot amongst their members to select their nomination for the role. The Labour and Liberal Democrat groups offer the opportunity to their longest serving member who has not yet taken the position.

If you are sending a letter it should start with "Dear Mr Mayor" and be sent to:

The Worshipful The Mayor
Charnwood Borough Council
LE11 2TX

When speaking to the Mayor and Mayoress they should be addressed as:

  • "Mr Mayor" (Not Lord Mayor)
  • "Mayoress" (Not Lady Mayoress)

To correctly announce the Mayor (and Mayoress) to an audience:

  • "The Worshipful The Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor __ "

The Officer accompanying the Mayor to an event will always be able to advise you on these matters.

Apart from being an unpleasant nuisance if you step in it, fall in it, cycle through it, or wheel your wheelchair through it, dog mess can also be a health hazard.

Both dog and cat faeces can contain the eggs of the roundworm 'Toxocara'. These eggs can survive in the soil for several years. If they are ingested or inhaled by humans, they may cause eye, liver, brain and respiratory problems such as asthma, hepatitis and epilepsy.

Children playing in fouled recreation areas are most at risk. Dog waste is also a potential health risk to farmers' livestock if you allow your dog to foul in their fields.

There is no salary attached to the job. Mayors often have a normal full time job and fit their Mayoral duties around this, although many Councillors would not take on the role before they are retired.

The Mayor does receive the normal allowance given to all Councillors, an additional Responsibility Allowance, equivalent to that paid to the Cabinet Members, and also a Mayoral Allowance towards their out-of-pocket expenses such as church collections, raffle tickets and charity dinner tickets.

Leicestershire County Council operate a paint resuse scheme from Whetstone Recycling and Household Waste Site. Paints that are partially dry or mixed with other paints cannot be reused; gloss paints cannot be accepted due to the flammability of these products. Only clean, water based paint can be accepted.

All of Leicestershire's Household Waste Sites, commonly known as tips are licensed to accept paint for disposal. The paint however, must be completely dried. This allows the site to dispose of any paint, gloss or otherwise, that members of the public bring to the site.

For further information about anything to do with Leicestershire's household waste sites please contact the County Council on 0116 305 0001, or visit

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for the implementation and administration of all Residents' Parking Schemes in Leicestershire. 

All applications for Residents' Parking permits, Visitor's permits and Changes of Vehicle need to be made to Leicestershire County Council by post, who aim to despatch the permits within 5 working days.

Find out more on the LCC website: 

Royal greetings for 100th and 105th birthdays and every year thereafter, and to those celebrating their Diamond Wedding (60th), 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries and every year thereafter need to be requested from the Anniversaries Office at Buckingham Palace.

The Mayor is also pleased to visit people celebrating such events and usually arranges to call in at the celebrations to stay for half an hour bringing a card and a basket of flowers. For further details Contact the Mayor's Office.

In the same way as any other illegal parking – by phoning 08458 450 450.

The Open Register is a version of the Electoral Register which can be purchased by the general public. To opt out of the Open Register, please use the details below:

Opting out of this version of the register will not affect you right to vote. More information about the Electoral Register can be found at:

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