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What Does the Mayor Do?

The Mayor is the principal ambassador of the Council and will attend around 500 engagements each year over 90% of which are likely to be within the Borough. They chair meetings of the full Council, host annual events such as the Civic Church Service and the opening of the fair, and promote Council initiatives and campaigns.

Most Mayors get to welcome at least one royal visitor to the Borough and attend around sixty-five religious gatherings of the many different faiths in Charnwood. They are likely to congratulate half a dozen centenarians, and host around two thousand people to eighty civic presentations and events in the Civic Suite at Loughborough Town Hall. They will cut ribbons, draw raffles, present certificates and have their picture in the local papers several times most weeks. They will get an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and visit some European twin towns.

The important factor in all these engagements is that the Mayor is here for the people of the Borough, and they try to accept as many invitations to visit as much of the Borough as possible throughout their year of office.

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