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Lady Jane Park

Requested on
Fri 24th February, 2012
FOI 1742
Information provided


We act on behalf of a client who was involved in an accident on the car park of Lady Jane Park, Newtown Linford on 25th August 2008.

Our client’s Partner has been in contact with Stuart Birch, who we understand has now retired. Mr Birch advised our client’s Partner that he had been in contact with Hartley Estates who act as Agents for the owners of the Park Home and had made recommendations regarding the car park.

We request copies of all correspondence and notes on your file in relation to discussions with our client’s Partner and Hartley Estates regarding the car park at the Lady Jane Park Home from December 2010 to date.


There do not appear to be any records on file relating to your client's partner.  However I can confirm that following a site visit, Stuart Birch wrote to the property owners in September 2011 to advise that the Car Park surface needed addressing and that work was carried out.