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Licensed Premises

Requested on
Mon 12th March, 2012
FOI 1788
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act, I require a list of addresses in your authority area that have been granted a premises under the Licensing Act 2003 to authorise the supply of alcohol (within the meaning of section 14 of that Act) for consumption on the premises.
A list of addresses in your authority area that have been granted the status of "licensed premises" in accordance of section 147(1) of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.
A list of addresses in respect of which a licence under the Licensing (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 is in force.
Your local authority may have a searchable list of this information online, but a link to this url will not be sufficient. I require a response via email and the information requested needs to be in any formatted data file. An example would be an Excel spreadsheet, an MS Access database, an SQL query dump (.sql) or a comma delimited text file (.csv).


Following the above information request, we have, as required by the Freedom of Information Act (the Act), undertaken an assessment to ascertain if any of the exemptions provided by the Act apply to the information that you have requested, namely a list of all Alcohol licensed premises within Charnwood.

Having completed this assessment we have concluded that the information you requested is exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the Act and we will not, therefore, be able to supply it. 

The exemption provided by section 21 of the Act says that information is exempt if it is reasonably accessible to the applicant. The council is required to have a public register of all licensed premises displayed on the website. 
Section 21 is an absolute exemption so no test of the public interest is required in applying the exemption. 

We note from your request that you have stated that a link to our public register would not suffice and that you require the information in a formatted data file.  If you are not satisfied with gathering the data from our public register, please could you clarify why the available information is not sufficient for your needs?  We maybe able to then re-address the issue should you require further information that is not accessible via the web link provided.