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Contracted Public Services

Requested on
Wed 2nd May, 2012
FOI 1918
Information provided


I would like to submit a Freedom of Information request, regarding organisations that are contracted to provide public services on your behalf.

1) For the last financial year, please provide a list of organisations that you have contracted to provide services to the public. If you have records that indicate that any contractors are religious in nature, please indicate which contractors these are.

2) In the past five years, have you changed any organisation you use for any specific public service? Please list instances, dates, original organisation and replacement organisation.


The table below shows all contracted out Public Services, the supplier and previous supplier if applicable.

Service Supplied by  Previously Date of Change
Housing Services Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing    
Benefits and Revenues Capita Business Services Ltd    
Burial Services North West Leicestershire District Council    
Environmental Services (Waste Collection and Street Cleansing) Serco Plc Veolia Environmental Services plc Aug-09
Leisure Centre Management Fusion Lifestyle Serco Leisure (OP) Ltd Oct-11