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Ceo Uniform Written Information / Identifcation

Requested on
Wed 12th January, 2011
FOI 1147
Information provided


Please will you confirm with exactness, all the written information publicly displayed on the council's Civil Enforcement Officer (parking) uniform and confirm in each case, what garment that information is written on. Where information is displayed on a hat please confirm if the hat must be worn at all times. If a council logo is used on any garment please describe the logo and confirm in full any written information that accompanies the logo.

Please also provide the email address for the council officer responsible for parking enforcement.


Following the above information request I am pleased to provide the following information:
Charnwood Borough Council have the following information on the uniform:

Jacket           Front right (as you look at it) Charnwood Borough Council logo (white stitching)  (Logo attached for 
                    Back top centre – Street Warden label (hi vis) 
                    We also have a bright yellow badge that is worn on the front left hand side of the jacket at chest height 
                    that states:
                    Image & Sound
                    This badge is to advise people that the Street Wardens are wearing body worn video cameras with a
                    recording facility.

Hi vis vest*    Front right (as you look at it) Charnwood Borough Council logo  (white stitching for new stock)
                    Back top centre – Street Warden label (hi vis)
                    * vest is worn in the summer

Epaulettes     Collar number on red and black epaulettes

Hat               Black hat with a red band – no wording.  Hat must be worn at all times

The contact email for parking enforcement it is