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Wind Turnine Complaints

Requested on
Thu 31st May, 2012
FOI 1995
Information provided


I am writing to request under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 any details of any formal or informal complaints about the noise from any free standing wind turbines or wind farm ( not micro-generation / individual turbines attached to a house) which have been upheld and the action that was taken by the wind farm operator as a result since 1998.

How many wind turbines over 50kW are in your area?

What percentage of the wind turbines in your authority caused a formal complaint or an informal complaint that was resolved through action by the wind turbine’s owner?

In the case of an upheld complaint can you let me know how far the houses were from the wind turbines?

What percentage of the overall formal complaints about noise excluding entertainment noise, is made up by the complaints on noise generated by wind farms?


There are 3 Wind turbines within Charnwood that are over 50Kw

We have not received any formal or informal  complaint regarding noise from these wind turbines.