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Wed 4th July, 2012
FOI 2101
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I am looking at noise assessment methodologies used for predicting noise from Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) with the aim of developing criteria that would be of use to local authorities and would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions on behalf of your authority. Please be as detailed as you can where possible but any answer you can provide will be useful to my research.
1. Does your local authority have specific criteria for the assessment of noise from MUGAs under the new/old planning regime or for nuisance investigations? If so, what are they?
2. Do you recommend that conditions relating to noise control be attached to any planning permission granted for MUGAs within your area? If so, are these specific to MUGAs? Please give examples if possible.
3.. How many MUGAs do you have in your area? Where possible, please give planning application references and/or location details.
4. Have you received any noise complaints about MUGA facilities in the last 5 years?
If yes, how many?
What were the main noise sources being complained about? e.g. kicking of the ball, people, impact noise?
How many of the complaints were substantiated?
Have any complaints led to noise abatement notices, planning enforcement or legal proceedings?

Other questions (non FOI but your answers would be really appreciated)
1. Would an assessment methodology and/or criteria and noise limits specifically for MUGAs be useful to your authority?
2. Do you agree to being contacted to discuss your responses further? If so please provide contact details below.


1 Do you have specific criteria for the assessment of noise from MUGA’s ?

In the absence of any specific standards or guidance for assessing the potential noise impact from MUGA’s on the local community. Charnwood Borough Council considers it necessary to make reference to other standards that look to set acceptable conditions in and around dwellings such as:

BS 8233:1999

WHO- Guidelines for Community Noise

BS 4142:1997

Environmental Protection Act 1990

2  Do you recommend that conditions relating to noise control be attached to planning permissions granted for MUGA’s….?

Each application is assessed on its own merits given the location and hours of use etc. However the following conditions have been recommended to the planning officer :-

1)      Due to the close proximity of residential properties an hours restriction shall be imposed to limit the hours of operation to between 10.00 - 21.00 hrs Monday to Saturday. No activities shall take place at the site on Sunday and Bank Holidays.

2)      To attenuate anticipated noise levels a suitable acoustic barrier shall be provided around the multi use games area. The specification for this barrier shall be submitted to Charnwood Borough Council for prior approval.

3)      The Multi use games area shall be effectively secured to prevent unauthorised access outside of the permitted operating hours.

4)      The applicant shall adopt a “good neighbour” policy which shall include a noise management plan aimed at minimising unnecessary noise and disruption to neighbours. This shall be submitted for prior approval by this department and once approved shall be brought to the attention of all users of the facility and kept under regular review.

5)      To limit the number of players using the facility at any one time, barriers separating each of the courts must be permanently in place and properly maintained.

3 How many MUGA’s do you have ………?

Leisure Services have confirmed that we have 31 MUGA’s in the Borough.  Recent planning applications are listed below.  I have attached a PDF which shows the location of each MUGA.

The recent planning applications are as follows

P/12/0791/2 – Lough. Uni

P/11/0741/2 - Lough. Uni

P/11/0074/2- Lough. Uni

P/10/1243/2 - Lough. Uni

P/09/1549/2 - Lough. Uni

P/09/1682/2 – Red Hill Lane Thurmaston

P/08/2420/2 -Melton Road Syston

P/08/0307/2 – Granby Park Loughborough

P/07/3548/2 - Lough. Uni

P/07/0405/2 – Hind Leys College Forest Street Shepshed

P/05/332/2 - Hind Leys College Forest Street Shepshed

P/04/2924/2 – Primary School Loughborough Road Shepshed

4. Have you received any noise complaints about MUGA’s in last 5 years?

Unfortunately our service request/complaints system is an address based system.  Therefore it is not possible to identify the number of complaint received about a general source of noise i.e. MUGA.

I have checked for complaints in the general area around the sites identified and would confirm that we have not received any specific complaints about noise from the use of any existing MUGA. 


1. Would an assessment methodology and /or criteria specifically for MUGAs be helpful

An objective standard would be useful if approved by all relevant parties.

2. Do you agree to being contacted to discuss your responses further?

Further questions on any of the planning applications should be directed to the planning department or information reviewed on their website, at

Any questions relating to noise issues can be forwarded to the environmental health in box at: