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Climate Change Officers

Requested on
Wed 29th August, 2012
FOI 2175
Information provided


The number of council officers employed to deal with issues concerning the environment or climate change in a) 2010 b) 2011 and c) 2012

The amount allocated in the council’s budget for spending on the environment or climate change in the financial years a)2009/10 b) 2010/11 and c) 2011/12


As your request is just looking for information around climate change and sustainability roles; Charnwood has one role which covers these aspects -
We have one member of staff (covering 2010 onwards) whose job title is Sustainability officer whose job title includes:
To help the Council become an environmentally aware and responsible organisation by developing and coordinating its environmental policies and strategies to mitigate against its impacts on the environment.
The controllable budget for this service is £20,000.