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Surveillance Camera

Requested on
Mon 6th August, 2012
FOI 2202
Information provided


A surveillance camera was placed on a street lamp column outside my property 116 Valley Road, Loughborough on 5 July 2012. It was clearly not a covert operation as the camera was mounted in a shiny chromium/steel container secured to the street light column with strong chains and locks.
I have checked with Leicestershire County Council and Leicestershire police and these Authorities have stated that this camera is not associated with any survey that they carried out. Also, I contacted Val Lord of Valley Road (Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator) and this person has confirmed that Neighbourhood Watch has not been informed of any surveillance operation, by any Authority, in this area.

I am trying to establish if this installation was installed in a lawful or unlawful operation.
Therefore, under the Freedom of Information Act I am inquiring if Charnwood Borough was involved, in any way, with this surveillance camera.

My reason for inquiring is that I believe this installation is an infringement into my right to privacy and I am further concerned that this camera definitely will have taken photos of my wife whilst she waited at the bus stop outside my house on that day.


Charnwood Borough Council has no knowledge regarding the installation of the camera on Valley Road.