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Land Charges

Requested on
Thu 9th August, 2012
FOI 2219
Information provided


a) A breakdown of costs (including internal and third party costs) incurred during the initial setup of the new ‘Leicestershire Searches’ portal

b) A breakdown of estimated costs including internal and third party costs) likely to be incurred over the next 3 years for ongoing support, maintenance and fixes for the ‘ Leicestershire Searches’ portal

c) How much lower do you intend to make the e-price for searches ordered via NLIS as compared to those ordered via the portal?

d) When do you expect the revised fees to come into effect?


a)     We do not hold this information.  There was no cost to Charnwood Borough Council
b)     nil
c)     We do not intend to lower the prices for NLIS searches as NLIS customers are not being asked to contribute to the portal.
d)     N/A