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Council Tax

Requested on
Wed 5th September, 2012
FOI 2294
Information provided


I very much need to clear this up before i go to the tribunal, I have found this article and would like an explanation as to the amount being paid to The Loughborough Magistrates Court please.

If CBC use Loughbrough Magistrates Court why did I have to go to Leicester magistrates' or when did you switch to using Leicester magistrates?

I have asked you for full disclosure, please honour The Seven Principles of Public Life

I would very much like to get this whole matter cleared up and again say to you I am more than willing to pay for the services I use, all I am looking for is full disclosure on what the council is spending council tax payers money on, is that too much to ask for?


The spending at Loughborough Magistrates court highlighted on the Telegraph's website relates to the list put before the Magistrates’ court containing the names of all payment defaulters, in respect of whom the Council wishes to obtain a liability order.
It is the court service who decide where a hearing / case will take place.