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Contaminated Land

Requested on
Wed 19th September, 2012
FOI 2315
Information provided


The Institution of Environmental Sciences is investigating the number of land sites designated as ‘contaminated’ under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and we would like to request the following information from the council:

The number of sites designated as ‘contaminated’ under Part 2A of the EPA since it’s introduction in 2000
The number of sites successfully remediated to date
Therefore the current number of sites still designated as ‘contaminated’ within your jurisdictional boundaries.


In 2004 Charnwood Borough Council undertook a risk based assessment of all land in its borough to identify where may constitute contaminated land under the definition of part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act. This included a desktop study to record the presence of sites of historic industry. These sites were then assessed to identify any risk to human health based on the presence of a source directly underneath a receptor.

During this process we identified over 140 priority sites, which we considered to be sufficiently at risk of being contaminated in order to warrant further investigation.118 of these sites have been determined as not contaminated together with a further 21 council owned sites. 23 sites remain undetermined however based on the evidence we have obtained we do not currently consider them to be contaminated under the terms of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act and we do not currently propose to carry out any further investigations.

In light of the above we have not remediated any sites within the borough and no sites remain ' contaminated' within the jurisdiction of Charnwood Borough council.