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Fleet Size

Requested on
Fri 19th October, 2012
FOI 2395
Information provided


The Local Authority is requested to provide a list of motor vehicles owned or leased to the council.
Please include; Fleet number (if used), Make, Model and Body Type.
Also can you let me know how these vehicles are maintained? Either in house or out sourced maintenance.


I have attached a list of our fleet vehicles which are leased.
We also lease 2 refuse vehicles - 1 Dennis Eagle 654 with lift (fleet #14) reg - VU06UTZ
         - 1 Dennis Eagle Zoella with Bin Lift (fleet #45) reg - VX05UUF 
And a Skoda Superb Elegance (Greenline) which is the used by the Mayoralty. reg - LUT 1

In addition to those leased vehicles the council own a Towrite Electric Tractor (fleet #301) reg KX53AXB and an Electric Tug (used for putting out market stalls) (fleet #302) reg - KX01LGK

All vehicles maintenance is outsourced.