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Requested on
Tue 23rd October, 2012
FOI 2413
Information provided


Please note that I am only interested in material which relates to the period January 1 2012 to the present day.

1…Has the council been in contact with any theatre company and or production company and or similar about the production of a Pantomime in premises within the council’s area.

2…If the answer to the above question is yes can you please supply copies of all correspondence and communications ( including emails) between the council and the aforementioned theatre company and or production company and or similar. This correspondence and communication will include but will not be limited to actual contracts as well as communications about scripts and storylines, the use of children and animals in performances, casting issues, information about health and safety requirements at particular venues, special effects and crowd controls.

3…All internal communications (including emails) which are held by the council and which in any way relate to plans for a Pantomime this Christmas. I am interested in receiving the information even if the planned production is not now going ahead.


Charnwood Borough Council has a contract with Imagine Theatre for them to produce and deliver an annual Pantomime.  This contract runs between 2010 and 2015.   Imagine Theatre are responsible for all aspects of the annual pantomime including plotlines etc.  Health, safety and hygiene matters were all part of the contract process in 2010.