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Merchant Account Statement

Requested on
Thu 29th November, 2012
FOI 2514
Information provided


· A copy of your latest merchant account statement. If this is not possible, then a spreadsheet covering the card transactions processed in a recent month with the following information per card type: Number of transactions, Value of transactions, Rate per transaction, Other charges (Voice authorisations, terminal charges, charge-backs, DCC revenue, payment gateway charges, PCI DSS fees etc.)

· A statement detailing the surcharge (if any) that you apply to transactions made by credit card and/or by debit card.

· The total Merchant Service Charges paid in the last financial year.

· The name and contact details (email, tel.) for the person responsible for managing your Merchant service account.

· A copy of the tender document through which your current Merchant provider offered their services.

· The expiry date for your current Merchant contract.


Attached is a spreadsheet providing the transaction information you have requested.

The main Merchant contract forms part of our Banking Services Contract and this is due to go out to tender in the next few weeks.  Several of the ancillary Merchant contracts form part of the provision of automatic payment services, eg by telephone and internet, and are not separate contracts in their own right.

John Casey ( / 01509 634810) is the Head of Finacial and Property Services at Charnwood Borough Council.