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Market Rents

Requested on
Fri 7th December, 2012
FOI 2533
Information provided


Under the freedom of information act . We require the total of the rent that C.B.C receive from the market traders
for year 2010/2011 if you can give me the information in the next few days it would appreciated.
Could you also include a break down of the running cost.

All l need is the total income from the Thursday & Saturday market and the yearly running cost of the two markets


Details £
Salaries-Basic (1) 97,670.55
Buildings-R & M (2) 2,067.34
Electricity 5,609.71
NNDR 36,444.00
Water & Sewerage Charges 735.78
General Equipment - Purchase, repair, storage etc 6,043.09
Market Stalls & Covers 17,740.55
Printing & Stationery 1,472.35
Advertising & Publicity 470
Council Membership to Professional Association 831
Environmental Services Contract (3) 16,386.24
Controllable Costs 185,470.61
Income from Thursday/Saturday Markets -356,658.28
Sub-total of controllable items -171,187.67
Less Support Service Recharges (4) 113,509.19
Net Total -57,678.48
1. 10% has already been deducted from the actual to reflect staffing costs relating the the Farmers, Flea and other specialist markets.
2.  Omitted from this amount is the £14,125 'one-off' expenditure on festoon lighting, installation of electric pillars and low energy light bulbs.
3.  This contract covers the cleaning up after the markets and disposal of refuse.
4.  These are the recharges from all other departments of the Council that support the provision of this service, including the Capital charges
     relating to depreciation on the Markets' Yard building and costs relating to the previous Markets Development Plan.
General note: Apart from salaries, it has not been possible to apportion other costs specifically to the two weekly retail markets requested.