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Died Without Next of Kin

Requested on
Tue 18th December, 2012
FOI 2555
Information provided


public health funerals which have taken place from July 2012 to the date of your reply.
Would you please be able to provide :
Date of death of the deceased
Name of the deceased
Place of death/last known address
Place of birth
Have the next of kin have been traced?
Estate value
Contact details of whom the details have been passed on to?
If applicable, the date on which the details will be referred to the Treasury Solicitory, QLTR or Duchy.


There has been once case in  Charnwood since July 2012:

Full names of deceased persons, - Thomas Cameron Smith

Dates of death, - 25/8/2012

Dates of birth or ages at death, - 22/7/1921 (91)

Last known addresses, - Jasmine Court, 38-44 Nottingham road, Loughborough (place of death) - Lived at Quorn Orchard Care Home, Quorn (place of residence)

Place of Birth - Scotland

Next of Kin - None found

Estimated value of estates, - Nil

Date(s) when the information was passed (or information that is about to be or likely to be passed) to the Treasury Solicitor or the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall – N/A