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Data Sets

Requested on
Fri 7th February, 2014
FOI 3917
Information provided


Pursuant to the changes that have come into effect via The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, specifically in relation to Section 19 (Freedom of Information Act) Datasets, I would like to request the following;
a) A hyperlink to your Council’s list of datasets;

b) Answer “yes” or “no” as to whether there is a dataset regarding Business rates and ratepayers in particular;

c) If the answer to b) is “No”, please explain why Business Rates are not included for publication whilst referencing the below;

(2A) A publication scheme must, in particular, include a requirement for the public authority concerned—
(a) to publish—
(i) any dataset held by the authority in relation to which a person makes a request for information to the authority, and
(ii) any up-dated version held by the authority of such a dataset, unless the authority is satisfied that it is not appropriate for the dataset to be published


Charnwood Borough Council has not processed any requests where the information was provided in the form of a datasets as defined by the act since the introduction of this amendment in September, and therefore has not published any.
We do publish data under the Local Transparancy agenda, and details can be found on our website at
Regarding Business Rate information at present we are unable to produce this as a dataset as the data has to be collated from different parts of the reporting systems, is subject to analysis and is organised and adapted from the original forms in which it is held.
We are currently in communication with our software supplier regarding these issues, and hope to be able to produce a report which will be presented as a Dataset as soon as possible and will be published on a regular basis on our website.