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Online Payment for Council Tax

Requested on
Tue 18th January, 2011
FOI 1156
Information provided


1) Business case to improve the current online payment system to collect domestic council tax

2) How much savings have been made/have been anticipated by relying on the online payment system to collect domestic council tax, as opposed to taking the payments by phone or in-person?

3) Any marketing campaigns or publicities to encourage the people to use the online payment system?

4) Any marketing campaigns or publicities to encourage the people who pay the council tax by phone or in-person to use shift to the cheaper channel of payment (channel migration)?

The time period will be from 2006 until present.


1. The purchase of the on-line payment system was part of a package purchased by the Council from Academy Information Systems who are part of the Capita Group.  It was at a time when the Charnwood Borough Council Website was first being developed and there was a requirement for on-line payments to be offered by all Councils   

2. One of the reasons for taking the on-line payments system was as part of the proposal to close the Council Cash office.  There have been savings made, but these cannot be separated out to show just Council Tax and Non Domestic rates savings, as the Council collects income from many different sources for a variety of Services.   

3. The ‘on-line’ payment method is advertised on the reverse of all Council Tax bills and recovery documents (along with all other methods of payment).

4. The Council’s preferred method of payment for Council Tax is by direct debit – which is advertised (and encouraged) on all bills and recovery documents. There are also periodic ‘campaigns’ to encourage payment by direct debit. The last such ‘campaign’ took place in October 2009.