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We've issued an updated statement following the incident in Birstall on Monday. If anyone has any housing issues following the incident, please contact Housing Needs on 01509 634567.

Grants Made to Groups for Social Enterprise/Mobility/Improvements

Requested on
Mon 24th January, 2011
FOI 1167
Information provided


I am simply looking for a list of all the grants that were made by the council for social enterprise/mobility/improvement e.g. Health Agencies, Elder Associations, Youth Groups, Scout Associations, Group centres, Training organisations etc.

I would like the information in EXCEL and with the name of the group and the amount.

If no financial figure is available, then person-days the council has spent on the initiative for that group will be just as good.

Please just use judgement and assumptions; happy to take a page or two of qualifying notes if you want.


Please find attached the information you have requested.

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