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Council Cars

Requested on
Wed 2nd February, 2011
FOI 1179
Information provided


1. Please could you provide details of any cars leased or bought for use by council members or employees in the last five years. Please include the following information: make and model of car, whether it was leased or bought, when it was leased or bought and for how long the contract is for, and for what purpose the car is kept.
If the car was bought, please also provide details of what happened/will happen when it is no longer required by the council. Has a council member or council employee ever been allowed to keep a car that was purchased by the council?
2. Please also provide details of how many staff are employed as drivers, at what cost annually, and for what purpose.


Volvo S80
Leased November 2003 to October 2007; and
Leased November 2007 to October 2011 (lease company replaced with a newer model).
To transport the Mayor, Mayoress, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress to official functions and engagements.
No staff are employed solely as drivers.   2 full time staff are employed to support the Council's Civic Function, which includes a range of duties from event organisation to diary management, security of the Civic etc.   Their job also includes driving.   The total cost of these two officers, which includes on costs (employers pension and employers NI) and includes overtime and unsocial hours allowance is £52,300pa.
We have not included details of our fleet vehicles, which are not allocated to any individual member of staff, but are available for use by members of the services for which they were leased.