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Celebrity Bookings

Requested on
Thu 3rd February, 2011
FOI 1181
Information provided


1. How much has the council spent hiring celebrities for council events, campaigns or training from Jan 2008 to date? By ‘celebrity’, I mean someone who could reasonably be deemed a well known personality, not simply pop stars etc.

2. Please provide a full list of each celebrity booking, giving the following information: name, reason for booking (and what he/she did - i.e. did he/she speak? teach? open a new facility? etc etc), event, fee paid, venue, date.

3. Please also note in each case if food, accommodation was paid for by the council, and if so where did he or she dine and stay and what did the bills come to?


Charnwood Borough Council have not paid for any celebrities to appear at any council events, in campaigns or training sessions since January 2008.