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CT and Bid Accounts Showing Overpayments

Requested on
Fri 18th February, 2011
FOI 1204
Information provided


In accordance with the above, I hereby request a list of Council Tax and BID accounts that meet the following criteria:

Current overpayment/credit shown for 2008/2009 or any other financial year if credit balance hasn't been carried forward
Accounts where a 'write on' has been used since 1st April 2000 to cancel an overpayment which has not since been reversed
I would request that the list contains the following information:

Ratepayer name *
Address of property concerned
Amount of overpayment/write on
If possible, the period/financial year relating to overpayment/credit/write on
*Information is only requested where the ratepayer is a company and not an individual as I appreciate this is limited by the Data Protection Acts.


Charnwood does not currently have any BID accounts.
Regarding Council Tax accounts, the vast majority of accounts are held in the names of individuals, and the time it would take to go through the full list of accounts, extract any that are registered to companies and go through to see if any credits or  write ons were showing on that account would exceed the appropriate limit for dealing with requests as set out in section 12 of the Act and the Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations.   There is no specific marker held against accounts relating to companies and no way of determining whether an account relates to an individual or a company/organisation other that checking each record individually.