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Requested on
Wed 12th February, 2014
FOI 3928
Information provided


it is my understanding that Leicester(PUA) could not accommodate the housing numbers allocated to them, and that Charnwood Borough agreed to take the excess.

Could I have copies of all relevant documentation that led to this decision by CBC?


The distribution of homes in the Leicester and Leicestershire Housing Market was determined by the Regional Plan process.  The Regional Plan was prepared by the East Midlands Regional Assembly and published by the Secretary of State.  In other words, Charnwood Borough Council did not take this decision. 

Notwithstanding this nuance, Charnwood Borough Council was consulted throughout the Regional Plan process and the Council’s view or comments at different stages of the plan making process are available.   It is not possible to provide you with all the documentation that the Council holds in respect of the Regional Plan process and distribution of housing, as the time required to locate and collate this information would exceed the appropriate limit for dealing with requests set out in section 12 of the Act and the Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations

In order to try and accommodate your request within the scope of the Act the Council could consider a request which is less wide-ranging and we would be happy to receive any clarification of the specific information you require.