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Land Charges Information

Requested on
Thu 3rd March, 2011
FOI 1224
Information provided


EIR/FOI Request: Charges for Building Regulation Information.
I have recently been advised that some Councils have abolished charges for accessing environmental information. For example, Stoke and Herefordshire have stopped charging for accessing Building Regulation information
Under the Environmental Information Regulations and the Freedom of Information Act could you please forward to me all internal and external communication in the Council’s possession showing the material that has been considered and the reviews that the Council have undertaken as to the environmental charges that it has levied.
Could you also please advise me of how other Council Departments access building control data and the charges that are levied in respect thereof?
Are the charges the same for building control data regardless of whether it is provided to the public or private sector?


Like several other Building Control Authorities, we have recently dropped charges for environmental information. We have no documentation relating to "reviews".
Access to Building Control data by other authorised Council departments is via the Council's Northgate M3 back office system.