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Mayoral Car

Requested on
Wed 23rd March, 2011
FOI 1242
Information provided


Please send me the following information:
The make and model of the vehicle used for the Mayor’s and/or Chairman's and/or Leader of the Council's official engagements.
The cost of the chauffeur/driver employed to drive said vehicle during official engagements.
The registration mark (i.e. number plate) attached to said vehicle.
Copy correspondence in relation to sale/proposed sale of number plate.



Volvo S80
Registration: YUT1

No staff are employed solely as drivers.   2 full time staff are employed to support the Council's Civic Function, which includes a range of duties from event organisation to diary management, security etc.   Their job also includes driving.   The total cost of these two officers, which includes on costs (employers pension and employers NI) and includes overtime and unsocial hours allowance is £52,300pa.

There is no correspondence held in regards to a proposed sale of the number plate.