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Lga Membership

Requested on
Tue 29th March, 2011
FOI 1245
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations I should be grateful if you would supply the following information:
1. The reduction in LGA fees for the coming financial year.
2. It is noted that many councils such as Bromley, Torridge, North Somerset, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk have withdrawn from the LGA. A further nine councils have said they are leaving. I would be obliged to receive the appropriate Committee report showing how the Council have considered the merits and value of continued LGA membership.
3. On the 23 November 2010, 30 Local Government leaders wrote to the Times stating that the LGA’s Chief Executive’s £ 70K pay rise was unacceptable. The following day the LGA’s Chief Executive agreed a £200K salary reduction. Could you please advise me on the position your Council /leader took on the proposed salary increase?
4. All extracts from Council documents showing specific examples of the value the LGA have brought to the Council, commensurate with the fee you pay.
5. The LGA subscription fee you pay if this is not identified in the report.
6. All fees you have paid the LGA in addition to your subscription during the last 5 years and details of what these fees related to.


   1.   2011/12 sees a £1250.00 reduction from the 2010/11 subscription fee

      2.   No Information Held

      3.   No Information Held

4.   There have been no council produced reports on this subject

5.        2011/12 subscription fee is £11600.00
6.        2006/07
Conference Fees £1563.63
Guidance Documents £24.75
Subscription £13220.00

Conference Fees £1858.28
Subscription £13352.20

Conference Fees £1220.29
Subscription £13485.72

Conference Fees £1590.82
Icelandic bank recharges £202.37
Subscription £13485.72

Conference Fees £2688.26
Icelandic bank recharges £48.47
Subscription £12850.00