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Council Reserve

Requested on
Thu 26th May, 2011
FOI 1319
Information provided


There is no statutory minimum level of reserves but the council’s chief financial officer (CFO) section 151 officer has a duty to provide an annual statement to the Council on reserves and balances and the robustness of estimates for purposes of the Local Government Act 2003 – specifically the robustness of the budget estimates and adequacy of the planned reserves when the council tax decision is being made by the Council.

I would like to obtain the council’s general reserve minimum limit as budgeted for 2011-12.

1) Please provide your council’s general reserve minimum limit as budgeted for 2011-12 (this is also likely to be contained in your Council’s financial strategy) expressed:
a. As a percentage of the Council’s overall net revenue expenditure (if this is a range, for example from 5%-10%, please select lowest amount possible).
b. In cash terms
Please provide correspondence between the auditor and CFO if you feel this would explain the decision reached.

2) Has the Council’s general reserve minimum limit as a percentage of the council’s overall net revenue expenditure changed in 2011-12 compared to 2010-11; 2009-10 or 2008-09?
a. Please specify “yes” or “no”
b. If the answer to the above question is “yes” please clarify what the general reserve minimum limit in the years specified.


Following the above information request I am pleased to provide the following information:

Information relating to the Council's policies for reserves can be found on our website.  Below are two links to the information requested.

Page 36 of our Budget report :
Page 13 of our Medium Term Financial Strategy: