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Spending on Mobile Phones and Laptops

Requested on
Fri 24th June, 2011
FOI 1356
Information provided


I am writing to obtain information on mobile telephones and computers paid for by your organisation during financial years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 to date.

To outline my query as clearly as possible, I am requesting:
Total amount spent on mobile phone handsets and bills (excluding reimbursements for staff members personal phones):
For each manufacturer the total number of devices
The total number of mobile phones and the number of these that are smart phones
Who the council’s mobile phone service provider is (please list more than one if necessary)
2. The total amount reimbursed to staff for the use of mobile telephone line rental and call charges

The quantity and total cost of:
Laptops (and similar devices such as netbooks and notebooks)
Other tablet devices
A copy of the council’s guidance on the purchase and use of such technology.


1. Total amount spent on mobile phone bills –

2009-10 (Apr-Dec)  T-Mobile    £18,000

2009-10 (Jan-Feb)    O2             £7.900

2010-11 (Apr-Mar)  O2             £27.500

2011-12 (Apr-Jul)     O2            £9.500

Total amount spent on handsets -

2010-11 (Apr-Mar)  £15.100

2011-12 (Apr-Jul)    £5,000

Type of devices -

Mobile Phone used is Nokia 2330

PDA used is HTC Touch Diamond 2

Total number of devices -
March 2010 290 split Mobile Phone 237, PDA (Smartphone) 53
March 2011 290 split Mobile Phone 201, PDA (Smartphone) 89
July    2011 290 split Mobile Phone 196, PDA (Smartphone) 94

2. Total amount reimbursed to staff -

3.Total amount spent on laptops -
2009-10 (Apr-Mar) 23.25K
2010-11 (Apr-Mar) 17K
2011-12 (Apr-Jul) 32K

Total amount spent on iPads –

Total amount spent on Playbooks –

Total amount spent on other tablet devices –
All purchases of such equipment are made through Information and Communications Services at the council.   Attached is the guidance policy for mobile phone use.