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Cemetary Info

Requested on
Tue 18th February, 2014
FOI 3960
Information provided


Please can you provide me with the following information form 1st January to 31st December 2013
How many cremations have been carried out at crematoriums under your jurisdiction on a monthly basses for the last twelve months showing the funeral directors name and how many each funerals director has carried out per month ?
How many Burials have been carried out at Cemeteries under your jurisdiction, Information to show the cemeteries name, if it was a new grave or re-opened grave, Ashes interment etc the funeral directors name and how many funerals they have carried out per month at each location.
Please if possible reply by email and in an EXCEL format via email to stay as green as possible.


Please find attached a spreadsheet which provides the number of buriels carried out in 2013 at Loughborough Cemetary, which is the only cemetary under Charnwood Borough Council’s juristiction.  We have been able to provide a breakdown by funeral directors for each month and whether it is a buriel or ashes internment, however we do not hold a breakdown of whether these were new or reopend graves.  We do have a number for new graves and reopended graves and these are given on the spreadsheet.
Charnwood Borough Council does not operate a crematorium.