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Housing Policy

Requested on
Wed 9th July, 2014
FOI 4662
Information provided


What is Charnwoods position on rehoming people who are fearful of violence and cannot return to their council home? Please reference policy and law.


The Council’s housing stock was managed by the arm’s length management organisation Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing.  The Council has taken the management function of the stock back in house and has adopted the policies and procedures used by Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing.  These policies and procedures are attached.  See ASB Policy and Procedure.  Sections 1-3 refer to our approach to Acts Directed and People and this provides the framework for priority transfers and requests for alternative accommodation from Council tenants.

When requesting a priority banding for an applicant for re-housing, officers currently use the attached form:  See Blank Priority Banding Request.  Our current practice is that priority banding requests are considered by the Principle Officer for Tenancy and Income Management who, on deciding whether the case merits further consideration and following discussion with the Housing Needs Manager convenes a meeting which includes the following officers:

Landlord Services Head of Service
Landlord Services Manager
Principle Officer for Tenancy and Income Management
Housing Needs Manager
ASB Officer or other officer presenting the case

Officers discuss the case and agree whether to award priority banding in accordance with the Allocations Policy.  A letter advising the tenant/s of the outcome is then sent.

In some cases a homeless application will be the tenant’s preferred option and this is dealt with in accordance with the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.