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Market Income and Expenditure

Requested on
Wed 19th February, 2014
FOI 3964
Information provided


we would like the details of the income from the market stalls and the expenditure from April 2012/2013 this comes under the freedom of information act we would appreciate your assistance in obtaining these details.


In response to your request for details of the expenditure against income for the markets for the period between 1st April 2012 and the 31st March 2013 -
The Actual income for the period amounted to £368,808.97 which is the total of the combined incomes from the Retail Markets,Farmers Markets,Friday Vintage Market and other special Markets.
The Actual expenditure for the same period amounted to £341,802.12  this was expenditure incurred for the Retail Markets,Farmers Market,Friday Vintage Market (not specialist markets).