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Allotment Fencing

Requested on
Mon 21st July, 2014
FOI 4710
Information provided


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2005 may I please request copies of documents held by CBC relating to the safety, inspection and maintenance of the perimeter fences of all the allotment sites run by CBC since March 2004

To be clear, I am interested only in CBC sponsored work done to the fences so I imagine these documents would be Inspection Reports, Work Orders, Completion Reports and Invoices for both internal recharges and contractor charges, materials etc.

I am trying to determine how much money CBC has spent on allotment fence maintenance over the last 10 years and where the priorities lie.


Allotment Fence Maintenance/Repair/Replacement
2004/05 2,239    
2005/06 566    
2006/07 560    
2007/08 729    
2008/09 -    
2009/10 184    
2010/11 -    
2011/12 4,661 Beacon Road Allotment Site 
2012/13 140    
2013/14 60    
 9,139 Total expenditure over 10 years
On top of the above expenditure, ground maintenance operatives would also have carried out adhoc work as & when required. However it is impossible to say how much, as this would have included as part of the overall monthly recharge

We do not hold any inspection reports or work orders in respects of these works.